COVID Tongue Treatment

COVID tongue is one of the more unusual potential symptoms of COVID-19, but luckily, more and more information is being gathered and understood about COVID tongue treatment and COVID treatment in general.

COVID-19 can come with a wide range of symptoms, including fever, headache, muscle aches, sore throat, congestion, and coughing. However, other less common symptoms, such as loss of taste, patches on the tongue, mouth ulcers, and dry mouth have also been reported, leading to the term “COVID tongue” and a search for COVID tongue treatment.

What is COVID tongue?

COVID tongue refers to a set of changes to the mouth and tongue that people have noticed after contracting COVID-19. These changes have included dry mouth, loss of taste, and fungal infection.

The exact cause of COVID tongue is unknown, but it could be part of the immune system’s response to being sick with the virus. It is also believed that those who become ill with COVID-19 may be more vulnerable to oral thrush, a fungal infection in the mouth.

COVID tongue may be more common in those who have severe COVID, as studies find that nearly a quarter of those who are hospitalized with the virus experience changes to the tongue and mouth.

COVID tongue treatment options

The key to successful COVID tongue treatment is to properly treat the COVID-19 virus itself. In Dr. Jerry Williams’ book, Fight COVID and Win, he describes his COVID-19 treatment regimen that he uses to reduce the severity of the virus in his patients in order to avoid hospitalization. This protocol can lead to successful COVID tongue treatment.

Dr. Williams’ COVID-19 treatment plan includes vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system as well as FDA-approved medications such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Vitamins for COVID tongue treatment

Because COVID tongue is a result of the immune system fighting COVID, the best COVID tongue treatment plan includes ways to boost the immune system. In order to do this, Dr. Williams recommends the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin D (promoted by natural sunlight)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin B12
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Medications for COVID tongue treatment

In Fight COVID and Win, Dr. Williams discusses a few medications that he prescribes to treat COVID-19, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Hydroxychloroquine can be used to improve patient outcomes during COVID-19 treatment and is FDA-approved for autoimmune disease treatment. Dr. Williams always encourages patients to receive an electrocardiogram (EKG) prior to taking hydroxychloroquine to ensure that their heart is healthy enough for the medication. After taking hydroxychloroquine, patients may see improvement to their COVID-19 symptoms, including COVID tongue.  

Dr. Williams may also prescribe ivermectin, an FDA-approved medication for the treatment of skin conditions such as rosacea and parasitic worms. Several studies have shown the effectiveness of ivermectin in improving COVID-19 patient outcomes, providing a potential COVID tongue treatment.

Preventing COVID tongue

The best way to prevent COVID tongue is to avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus in the first place. Dr. Williams explains the best ways to prevent COVID-19 in his book, including:

  • Receiving the COVID-19 vaccination
  • Staying healthy with proper diet, exercise, sleep, and hydration
  • Managing pre-existing conditions carefully
  • Taking the appropriate vitamins and minerals

Because COVID tongue seems to be more common in severe COVID-19 cases, treating the virus early may prevent the condition. To ensure that COVID-19 remains mild, Dr. Williams recommends boosting the immune system with vitamins and minerals previously mentioned and receiving the proper treatment at the first signs of COVID.

By following the at-home protocols in Fight COVID and Win, you can find effective COVID tongue treatment and prevention strategies to improve your outcome.

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