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Written by medical doctor and inventor of the IsoPro Chamber, Dr. Jerry K. Williams, whose clinics have treated over 2,000 Covid patients so far, with 100% recovery.

Covid IS treatable.

Best ‘reality check’ book I’ve ever read!

It’s rare that someone actually speaks the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear. He will be a modern day hero for stepping outside everyone’s comfort zone.

Victoria Mills RN
Covid-19 guide book

Fight COVID And Win Synopsis

The COVID-19 pandemic has been defined both by the tragedy of mismanagement that has led to preventable loss of life and divisive political controversy and by the triumph of unprecedented and rapid development of effective vaccines and treatments.

Fight COVID and Win describes the journey of neurologist and urgent care specialist Dr. Jerry K. Williams Jr., MD from his vantage point on the front lines as he navigated the initial uncertain landscape of the pandemic through to where we are now with the pandemic largely brought under control and the transition into a new, post-COVID world begins.

This important account cuts through the controversy and confusion and presents a cogent and clear-eyed assessment starting with policy errors and missteps that contributed to the devastating scope and scale of the pandemic and proceeding through the faltering first steps of managing a new disease and progressing to the development of effective prevention and treatment protocols.

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Dr. Williams successfully steered his clinics through the pandemic and, in the process, saved thousands of lives by taking an early and aggressive approach to all aspects of prevention and treatment.

Through this book he distills these experiences and the valuable knowledge gained from them into simple, clear, and actionable procedures backed by sound science and proven in practice.

Dr. Williams brings the best of all available healing modalities to bear, incorporating nutritional supplements, over-the-counter medications, and prescription medications to the fullest effect with treatment plans specifically adapted to meet the needs of every type of patient fighting COVID-19.

Fight Covid & win

Reader testimonials

Best ‘reality check’ book I’ve ever read!

It’s rare that someone actually speaks the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear. He will be a modern day hero for stepping outside everyone’s comfort zone.
Victoria Mills RN

This book can literally save your life!

Dr. Jerry Williams from Urgent Care 24/7, literally saved my life. I had COVID that progressed to double pneumonia and I had tried my local doctor, then Frontline Doc, then a friend led me to Dr. Williams, and it was just in the nick of time. My blood oxygen was 77 when the paramedics came.
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Before You, Your Family or Friends Catch Covid (possibly again), Catch and Read This Book

Our Doctor has finally published his book on how to "Fight Covid and Win." It's easy to read and understand, and very helpful to prepare in the event you test positive for Covid. As you will read in his book, early treatment is essential to avoid the most damaging aspects of COVID. Here's our actual experience with the author.
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Easy Read! Great Information!

This masterfully written book is evidence based and its documented treatment regime is a ​science-based journal of Dr. Williams’ Covid experience. It gave me the information straight from a professional that has prevented Covid and treated it among all groups of people. I have an understanding about the pandemic that I did not have before this factual read. GET THIS BOOK! It will gear you for survival and life!
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Everyone needs to read this book!

At a time when people seem to be blindly siding with whoever is popular for the moment, this book is so refreshing! When Covid first appeared, Dr. Williams spent his time researching the best way to help his patients rather than trying to agree with a "side." This book is easy to read and full of great information, based on science (yes, for real!). Covid is not going away and reading this book will empower you to respond appropriately. Dr. Williams is stepping up and being a leader while a lot of others are waiting to see who they should follow. Absolutely everyone needs to read this!
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Practical life saving advice!

This book is amazing! Finally someone with practical yet effective approach to Covid. The protocols treated the virus in the fastest way that kept us and our family out of the hospital. I would recommend everybody have copy as a guideline going forward. I’m prepared for any variant now!
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The Protocol: Prevention and Treatment

Dr. Williams’ COVID protocol takes a two-pronged approach:

1. Prevention for those who are COVID negative and asymptomatic regardless of exposure history utilizing vaccination, exposure avoidance, and immune optimization to help the body fight COVID naturally.
Immune optimization includes mitigation of controllable risk factors including weight loss and quitting smoking, as well as improving sleep, dietary, and other lifestyle habits, and optimizing status of key nutrients including vitamins C, D3, B12, magnesium, and zinc.

2.    Treatment for COVID positive patients with targeted supplements, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory agents, and prescription antibiotics, relevant off-label drugs, steroids, antivirals, and monoclonal antibodies.

At the start of the pandemic children and young adults were largely spared; however, with the emergence of the delta variant that changed and children began to succumb to COVID in large numbers.

Early intervention is paramount to prevent serious disease and potential long term sequelae in children. In one instance, a 7-year-old child with asthma who was started on a regimen including natural COVID treatment at home along with a just a few prescription medications was able to recover fully at home without requiring hospitalization.
Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are a particularly vulnerable group where COVID-19 is concerned. The higher stakes of two lives being at risk and the restricted number of treatment options present unique treatment challenges, so for these women and their babies COVID-9 alternative treatments are essential and can be remarkably effective. One viable option is the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which is FDA approved for use in all three trimesters of pregnancy. For a high-risk breastfeeding mom of a 5-week old and a history of high blood pressure during pregnancy, a protocol consisting of a combination of safe medications and supplements yielded rapid results with no complications.
Many COVID patients develop a constellation of post-acute COVID symptoms and the devastating long-term effects on these individuals as well as the healthcare system are yet to be known. Effective post COVID treatment is urgently needed to help long COVID patients recover and regain their lives. Dr. Williams’ post COVID protocol are designed to speed recovery and circumvent debilitating organ damage and autoimmune complications. Using this protocol allowed one patient, a 67-year-old man with an existing auto immune condition, to overcome long COVID symptoms and resume his pre-COVID activities within a week’s time.
Fight Covid & win
Fight Covid & win

Fight COVID and Win!

As a young man Dr. Williams was energized by medical history and resolved to do all he could to cure disease. Now, he’s sharing his most effective COVID-19 treatment protocols. Developed in real time with actual patients at the height of this historic pandemic, these are treatment protocols that actually work.

Dr. Williams outlines his research on the virus, the findings of the medical studies that informed his decisions, and his initial development of a treatment for the disease. From there, he describes how his treatment protocol evolved through continued research and the emergence of challenging new variants.

Most importantly, Dr. Williams discusses how the treatment protocols helped 99.8% of his patients avoid hospitalization and 100% to recover from their illness.

Learn how he did it and how you can use his protocols to Fight COVID and Win!

Book Chapters

Fight COVID and Win is chock-full of steps you can take to protect yourself from COVID-19. Discover everything you need to feel better quickly. Get better faster so you can get back to your life faster, too.



Dr. Williams tells the story of his fascination with history, his thoughts about medicine, cultivating courage in life and the medical profession, and what might happen in future potential pandemics.


Pre-Covid: The Back Story

From founding one urgent care clinic and expanding to many, Dr. Williams outlines the creation of various COVID-19 treatment protocols and their importance.


SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

Learn the origins of the pandemic. See COVID-19's geographical spread, timeline, and prevalence.


No PPE: Now What?

Air movement and sunlight are simple and effective ways to stop SARS-CoV-2 from spreading. And, an invention by Dr. Williams could make medicine and dentistry safer.


COVID-19 Testing

Understand the differences between antigen, antibody, and PCR tests and when each should be utilized.


The Protocols

Prevention protocol as well as the daily and post-exposure treatment protocols are provided in full.


Antivirals, Anti-inflammatories, & More

Antivirals, anti-inflammatories, convalescent plasma, and monoclonal antibodies are all forms of COVID-19 treatment, but how do they work and are they effective?


Viral Mutations

Discover what viral mutations are, how the COVID-19 variants have affected us so far, and how they will affect our future.


COVID-19 Vaccines

Find information about the difference between mRNA vaccines and traditional vaccines and how mRNA vaccines work to protect against the SARS-CoV-2virus.


Pediatric COVID-19

Dr. Williams outlines the rise in pediatric COVID-19 cases and includes a detailed treatment protocol for pediatric patients.


COVID-19 Treatment in Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women

It's essential to consider both mother and fetus or infant, as there is increased risk of stillbirth and other dire outcomes in COVID-19 positive pregnant and recently pregnant patients. Dr. Williams explains how the treatment protocol for this group differs.


Considerations in the Elderly Patient

The elderly are at increased risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19 infection. Dr. Williams suggests ways to help this group follow the protocol successfully.



Learn the wide range of long-haul COVID-19 symptoms, and why it's so important to focus on preventing hospitalization and keeping the disease from advancing.


Hospital Treatment of COVID

Follow the history of hospital treatment of COVID-19 patients, including ER, inpatient, and ICU care. Dr. Williams covers what is happening, and equally important, what isn’t happening in COVID-infected ER’s and hospitals today.


Controversies & Conspiracies

Controversies and conspiracy abound around COVID-19. What's real and what isn't?



Where do we go from here?

Fight Covid & winFight Covid & win

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What If My Child Under 12 Gets COVID?

Dr. Williams discusses the Delta variant and how it affects children under 12 while vaccination approval is sought for all pediatric age ranges. His advice is for families to be vaccinated so they can help protect the young ones.

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